United On-Site Auto Repair is a unique concept in which trained technicians visit corporate sites on a weekly basis to repair employee vehicles while they are at work. United On-Site Technicians are well equipped with the latest state-of-the-art automotive service technology and equipment. This allows our technicians to bring you a full service Mobil repair facility. Here is a brief list of On-Site services: Oil changes, Maintenance Tune Ups, Complete Brake Service, Exhaust Systems, Timing Belts, Coolant Service, Certified Emission Repair and New Jersey State Re-inspection, Full Service Diagnostics.

If you have a question about any service please call or e-mail. Our extensive field support includes immediate delivery of parts to our technicians at any location. All our technicians are equipped with cellular phones enabling them to call you for any questions or approvals they may need. All refuse, hazardous waste and recyclable materials are picked up daily and distributed through local EPA designated channels. We at United On-Site are totally committed to keeping the environment clean and safe, so extra precautions are always taken when servicing any vehicle.